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Image of Zune HD's marketplace surfaces...    11 -07- 2009Zune HDClamoring for even the tiniest morsel of Zune HD news?
One month ago, a piece of news just tells you what exactly is powering the new Zune HD. On the official Zune Insider podcast, host Matt Akers confirmed the rumors: yep, it's rocking a Tegra. No surprise, that announcement came with a heap of praise for NVIDIA's chip, so much so it's almost painful to listen. "So sick, so much better battery life, graphics acceleration. This thing is like a mini laptop in your hand, right, it's so awesome." We'll have to see about that for ourselves (in September, maybe?), but we are indeed encouraged by the news.

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Sony : No plans to change XML or offer Netflix service     11 -07- 2009Sony PSPAfter Microsoft's successful launch of the NXE (New Xbox Experience), GamePro had a few questions to ask Sony. The redesigned interface for Xbox certainly looks a lot sleeker than before -- would Sony consider changing up the XMB (Xcross Media Bar) to make it feel new and fresh?

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Nokia 5130 XpressMusic mobile phone     10 -07- 2009Nokia 5130 XpressMusicAn entry-level mobile phone designed to be used in tandem with Nokia's Comes With Music download service, the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic is a straightforward handset that includes a 3.5mm headphone jack and an FM radio. The lack of 3G connectivity will turn some potential users away, but if you're a music buff and aren't interested in mobile Internet it is definitely worth a look.
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The new iPhone 3G S —The Fastest, Most Powerful iPhone Yet     08 -06- 2009iPhone 3G SApple today introduced the new iPhone 3G S, featuring improved speed and performance—up to twice as fast as iPhone 3G—longer battery life, a high-quality 3 megapixel autofocus camera, easy to use video recording and hands free voice control. iPhone 3G S includes the new iPhone OS 3.0, with over 100 new features such as Cut, Copy and Paste, MMS, Spotlight Search, landscape keyboard and a new Find My iPhone feature that works together with MobileMe to help you locate a lost iPhone.
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Next iPod Touch may be extremely wireless     07 -05- 2009iPod Touch wireless As programmers continue to pick apart the code underlying Apple's iPhone 3.0 OS, details are surfacing that point to possible new hardware features for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. One of the first details unearthed from the code is the addition of stereo Bluetooth-audio streaming--a feature that current (second-generation) iPhone and iPod Touch owners will be able to take advantage of once the new OS is available this summer.
Of course, some new features will be available on the next generation of the iPod and iPhone hardware only (ain't that always the way?). Case in point: rumors of high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as FM radio transmission. The combination of stereo Bluetooth, improved Wi-Fi speeds, and short-range FM transmission, are compelling and competitive features on a phone, but they'll really put the iPod Touch in a class of its own when it comes to portable media players.

Third-generation iPod shuffle   06-05-2009 iPod shuffle Allow me to save some of you the trouble of reading this review in its entirety. If you want an inexpensive iPod that holds 1,000 songs, know how to pack that iPod with exactly the tracks you like to listen to, are perfectly happy with Apple’s earbuds, and rarely hunt for specific tracks on your iPod, the third-generation (3G) iPod shuffle is a reasonable choice.
If, on the other hand, you want a more flexible iPod that lets you use any headphones you like, suspect that you’ll grow frustrated by controls that make it a small chore to navigate the iPod’s music collection, and wish to avoid jumping through hoops to use your iPod with an audio device other than Apple’s headphones, this is not an ideal iPod for you. Continue to use the iPod you own, save your money for the far more flexible $149 4G iPod nano, or drop $49 on the still-available 1GB second-generation (2G) iPod shuffle.

Amazon unveils Kindle Application for iPhone     30 -04- 2009Application for iPhoneNEW YORK—You may not have the latest $359 Kindle electronic book reader from, but if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, a new application will let you access much of the same content on your Apple device.
In a bid to increase its slice of the e-book market, the Seattle-based online retailer rolled out a free program Wednesday that brings several of the Kindle's functions to the iPod and iPhone's smaller screen.
The program, which can be downloaded from Apple's online application store, lets iPhone and iPod Touch users read the same electronic books that Kindle owners can buy on As with the Kindle, the iPhone app lets users change the text size on the screen, and add bookmarks, notes and highlights.
The application does not connect to the Kindle store, however, so users must access the Web browser on their iPhone, iPod or computer to buy the content. Users cannot read magazines and newspapers on the Kindle application, either.
If you happen to have a Kindle and an iPhone, Amazon's program will handily sync the two so you can keep your place in the same book on both devices.

Amazon Releases iPhone's Killer App  26-04-2009 iPod nano updated Suddenly, iPhone is a true e-book reader, and there is loads of easily accessible content. Whoa. Amazon had said the Kindle app was coming, but that wasn't even a month ago. I'm stunned to see it now—and so soon after the Kindle 2 e-book reader shipped to customers (officially, Feb. 24).
Amazon did right by extending Kindle Books to iPhone. The company's main digital business is selling content, not devices. Amazon sells Kindles so that it can sell digital books, magazines and other readable content.
Strategically, Amazon is in the e-book business for the long haul, of creating a digital content platform that eventually replaces books and perhaps even subscription publications like newspapers. The company benefits by making its rights-protected content available to more devices.

Ars exclusive: Review of Papers for iPhone     24 -04- 2009Review of Papers for iPhoneA couple of years ago, a Mac OS X application came along and blew my socks off. That app was Papers, which has done for scientific literature what iTunes did for music files. Now, the company behind Papers, Mekentosj, has done it again, this time by bringing its killer app to the iPhone in a timely manner. It doesn't disappoint.
What made the desktop app so great was the way it took all the hard parts of maintaining an electronic literature database and hid them, while at the same time providing a great-looking interface from which to read papers, search for new ones, and even export them to bibliographic apps. The iPhone app works in pretty much the same way as the desktop version, bringing some or all of your desktop library over to your iPhone or iPod touch, along with the option to search for new articles and so on.

Griffin's iTrippin' on   19-04-2009 iPod nano 4G Apple iPod accessory makers Griffin Technology gave us the iPod's sweet music for our car and home radios back in 2006 with the introduction of the iTrip, and while the new iTrip nano does the same, it is designed to fit seamlessly with the latest 4G nano's curved and super-slim exterior.
For those of you who have never used the iTrip before, it is essentially a little FM radio broadcasting unit that sends tunes from your iPod out into the nearest FM receiver.
The SmartScan function finds the optimal FM settings and its SmartSound technology makes for pretty clear listening through your radio. The iTrip nano is brand spanking new and is available to pre-order now from, and will officially go on sale in March for about €40.

Hear iPod loud + clear via Aux-ln    14 -04- 2009iPodWith the TransDock Direct, all you need to enjoy iPod over car stereo is included – simply plug into your car's 12V power outlet and attach the included mini-jack cable to your car's aux-in jack. If your car doesn't have aux-in capability, you can also use TransDock Direct with a simple cassette adapter (available separately). And with the easy-to-adjust support pad, there are no extra inserts to worry about. For clean, static-free sound directly from your iPod, there's no easier way!
TransDock Direct is easy to set up – no expensive custom installation necessary. The strong and flexible gooseneck support arm allows you to easily position the TransDock Direct, while the dock itself rotates for horizontal positioning – great for intuitive use of Cover Flow on your iPod touch. TransDock Direct is a simple all-in-one solution for great sound, on-the-go charging and secure positioning of your iPod in your car.

iPhone Nano's parameter exposure   12-04-2009 iPod nano updatedThe news that iPhone Nano would soon be released has been talked for a few days and most of people do not believe this product really exists. But since some of the accessories manufacturers have launched iPhone Nano-related accessories , the truth become clearer and clearer. After all, the info that Apple choose to announce iPhone Nano in January, the next year's MacWorld is not a bad idea, because this product is face to lower position, although with a star-face.

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